Verdigris Covered Copper Solution Dura-Prime

A painter contractor called Mad Dog Paint Products looking for advice on a Verdigris Covered Copper Solution.  Specifically, he wanted to know how to coat older verdigris covered copper gutters and downspouts.
“The bleeding green copper areas are the biggest concern.  Apply 2 coats of Mad Dog Dura-Prime Premium Bonding Exterior Primer to the effected areas. This will stop the staining and bleeding of the verdigris.

Mad Dog Dura-Prime Premium Bonding Exterior Primer will bond and adhere to the copper substrate (tin, solder and lead, too) for the long term. Because it remains permanently flexible it will expand and contract as the seasons change.  This makes Dura Prime an excellent Verdigris Covered Copper Solution.

Here’s how I would spec the job to my crew:

  • Clean and Prep the area well.
    • Sand with a Scouring Pad and remove any oils or contaminants.
  • Apply a spot prime to the peeling or bad areas to stabilize. Let Dry3-4 hours.
  • Apply a full coat of Mad Dog Dura-Prime Premium Bonding Exterior Primer with brush and roller. Let Dry 2 -3 hours.
  • Apply satin or semigloss latex paint such as Moore Glo.

Paint Tip: Every Project starts with set up and prep on.  Contractors should always test a coatings system (with any primer/paint combination) on an  unusual situation to make sure it performs as needed. Once confirmed, they can proceed with confidence on the entire project.  Ten minutes to test and confirm might save you ten hours later.

Post Job Bleeding:   Most contractors stop peeling and bleeding with Mad Dog Dura-Prime Premium Bonding Exterior Primer.  Occasionally, some stain might leech through a couple of weeks later. If this happens, touch up the area with a bit of Kilz or other fast-dry, stain-blocking oil primer. The fastest and cleanest method is a spray can. Then touch up the area with topcoat.

This method gives you a long term solution to a paint problem that is beyond the reach of traditional oil primers.

Good Luck and happy painting,


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