Beach House Primer Prevents Rusty Nail Bleeds

A customer reached out on our Facebook page to ask what beach house primer prevents rusty nail bleeds.

He has a 2,000 sq ft beach house, up on stilts that he wanted to repaint.  However, rusty nail bleeds were already showing through the previous paint job.

We recommend Dura-Prime for this situation.  Here are some application tips and suggestions for preparation for best results.

Dura-Prime Application and Specification Sheet

Dura-Prime Product Video

Watch Mad Dog Primer’s How to stop Rusty Nails Example Video – click here.

As you are smack dab on the sand and salt-water, I would suggest a few steps which will make all the difference

  1. Use Chlor-rid or Chlor*Wash.   Chlorid International  has a super chemical cleaner which bonds to the salt particles and washes  contaminants away.  Chlor-rid clears away salts, and contaminants  a simple pressure washing and cleaning can only dream about. Although created as an industrial product, Chlor*Rid, and Chlor*Wash can be ordered on line and perfect for residential and commercial applications.  Check out their product video.
  2. Next, set any nails which are rusted into the substrate 1/8”.  Then spot prime with Dura-Prime and fill the “cup” up.
  3. Apply a coat of Dura-Prime to all vertical surfaces, railings and tops of handrails. For extra long protection, apply a 2nd coat of Dura-Prime to all the handrails and other areas that get the most abuse and seem to break down faster than the normal surfaces.
  4. The building is fully prepared for the paint.  You have 2 coats on the heavy wear, rusting and peeling areas and one coat of primer on the remainder of the surfaces.  You should expect excellent results.

One word of caution about rusty surfaces and nail heads.  Dura-Primer will do an excellent job, however, buildings on the ocean get 10 times more abuse than the standard paint job. If the nails normally bleed thru in 1 year, expect to do touch up within 2-4 years with Dura-Prime. No product is perfect, but, Dura-Prime will get you farther down the road and a better value.  Without question, Dura-Prime is the best exterior primer for this situation.

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