Best Mad Dog Primer Paint Brush Cleaner

Q: What is the best cleaner for brushes used with Mad Dog primer. I have a dedicated brush for using it, but it never really seems to get completely clean, tho I can use it.  Any suggestions???



A: It is always good to have a dedicated brush for Mad Dog Primer. It is made with an adhesive base so keeping it clean is very important.  It is the patented primer that allows it to “stick” and cover things like chipped paint and rusty nails.  While that makes it excellent as an exterior and interior paint, it can require prompt cleaning of brushes.   I don’t like cleaners. They tend to effect the performance of the brush.  However, cleaning Mad Dog Primer off your paint brush can be done in three simple steps.


Mad Dog Primer Brush Cleaning in 3 Simple Steps

  1. Always rinse your paint brush first thing in the morning. It is important to get water down into the heel. This keeps paint clogging up the base of the brush.
    Mad Dog Primer Cleaning Brush
  2. Throughout the day, quickly rinse the primer off the paint brush for 10-15 seconds in 5 gallon bucket of water. You are always moving around a project so just stop for 15 seconds to rinse the paint brush. It also gives you a mental and physical break.  It is like sharpening an ax with a file throughout the day. You can chop a lot more wood with a sharp tool and be less tired.  By keeping your paint brush in top condition throughout the day, you can continue to use Mad Dog Primer at its optimal level.


  1. At quitting time, work some dish soap into the paint brush and store overnight. Storing the brush in dish soap overnight breaks up any leftover primer and paint.



Clean tools make any exterior or interior paint job go faster and easier. It also helps your paint tools to last longer.

Good luck  and hope this helps.


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