Bonding Primers, PVC and Mad Dog Primer

Mad Dog expert and CEO Steve Ryan took a question from a contractor asking if Mad Dog Primer could be used on PVC. Here’s his answer:

Mad Dog Primer will adhere to just about any surface as long as it is prepared appropriately. And it will make your paint last 3 to 4 times longer. With a little touch up, your exterior paint should last for 20 years.

Mad Dog Primer general rules:
• Mad Dog Primer goes over any surface
• Only Latex coatings go over Mad Dog Primer (because Mad Dog is latex based)
• Test the compatibility of the substrate, Mad Dog Primer, and paint if you are using Mad Dog Primer for the first time or if you are using a new top coat.
• Confirm the substrate, primer, and paint are appropriate for this situation before you start installing the system on the entire project.

Proper Preparation:
For PVC (or glossy surfaces) I suggest a scouring pad. Abrade the surface very lightly and then clean off with denatured alcohol. Denatured alcohol will remove any of the latent oils remaining from manufacturing and handling.

Apply a light one coat of Mad Dog Primer Original or Mad Dog 2; be sure to work the primer in with a brush or roller. You can normally apply your latex topcoat within 2 hours. This system is also good for Apex trim.

No Prep Bonding Primers: you can use a quality $20 – $30 latex bonding primer for glossy surfaces. Some products claim you can also eliminate the preparation process because the primer has such superior adhesion and bonding properties. Don’t do it. Always make sure you abrade the surface and wipe it down with alcohol.

Bonding primers will adhere very well. But, unlike Mad Dog Primers, these coatings will become hard and brittle after a period of time. Under “perfect storm” conditions of the right temperature and humidity, the expansion and contraction of the unprepared surface will snap away from the primer and pop off.

Happy prep and painting! Remember: What goes underneath matters.

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