Dealer Resources:

Welcome Aboard. When you become a dealer, there are plenty of resources available. From brochures to banners we will help you spread the word about Mad Dog Primers in a concise and professional way. Register or update your store information.

  • Dealer Benefits Sheet (Download)

    Brochure of all the dealer benefits available when you stock Mad Dog Primers.

  • Dealer Resources Order Form (Download)

    Order brochures, literature, hats and more.

  • Dealer/Painter Testimonial Videos

    Discover what dealers and painters think about Mad Dog Primers.

  • CEO Guarantee Video

    This video explains the history of Mad Dog Primer and the customer satisfaction guarantee backed by hard cold cash.

Intro to MDP Exterior Primers

Intro to Mad Dog’s exterior primers and why they help
new and weathered projects last up to 20 years. Compares
WeatherSmart Adhesive Technology to traditional primers
and paints.


Brochure -Tri-Fold (Download)

This tri-fold brochure describes all the products and benefits of Mad Dog Primers. Great for handouts.

  • Brochure – Shelf Hangar

    This Brochure is designed to be hung from a shelf. Quite Popular. Great for handouts at contractor events. It attracts attention and contains the same info as our tri-fold version (5” x 23”).

  • Post Cards

    We provide free mailing service to your customers. Or, we can provide you with postcards (exclusion apply).

  • Rebate Slips

    Offer your customers cash back with our tear off rebate pad (3″ x 4″).

  • Yard Signs

    One example of yard signs available.

  • Store Displays

    Banners are available for your store locations and events.

  • Banners

    One example of many store and event banners available.

Use authorized logos and product images in your advertisements and website. Check out our website linking resources which help educate your customers and staff, and drive traffic to your website and sales through your door.

Logos (Download)

Mad Dog Primer LogoWeathersmart Adhesive





Product Images (Download)











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