Exterior Masonry Paint: What’s Best for You

If you have decided to use exterior masonry paint for the final finishing of your external walls and roof then it is imperative that you hire competent and highly professional painters.

One of the best ways to make sure that your dream home continues to look like a dream is to make sure that its exterior masonry is sleek and shiny and looks brand new, regardless of how old your property may be. Yes, it is certainly possible to make it look really great while simultaneously increasing ‘Curb Appeal’.

Curb Appeal

This is what sets your home apart from the rest of the houses on your block. In a nutshell, it may be described as the attraction a property generates when it is first seen by a prospective buyer or tenant.   In fact, it may well determine the value of your property in the mind of the potential buyer, since for most people the old cliché ‘first impression is the last impression’ does hold true.  Your curb appeal is the first look at the maintenance of your home.

Exterior masonry paint and primer

This is where exterior masonry paint can play a key role in enhancing the overall value of any property.  Exterior masonry paint is, by and large, the most common type of exterior masonry paint used for most paint jobs. A typical paint job would generally last around 24 months or so before requiring re-application.  However, often masonry paint starts flaking or peeling off long before its usual 2 year life span.  That’s where Mad Dog Primer can play an important role in the longevity of your paint job.  Dura-Seal 24 Masonry Primer allows your paint to last for years and saves you both time and money.

• Save time and money by priming sooner
• Use on new and weathered surfaces
• Penetrates, seals chalky masonry surfaces
• Prevents peeling caused by efflorescence and salt damage
• Salt air and humidity resistant
• Extreme sun, rain, heat, cold, humidity and salt air formula
• Bridges, fills and permanently resists surface cracking
• Resists and prevents cracks from recurring
• Penetrates and stabilizes peeling surfaces
• See all details and instructions before use


If you are going to use masonry paint for the final finishing of your exterior walls and roof then it is imperative that you hire competent and highly professional painters who would prep the exterior walls thoroughly before applying the right primer and finally finishing off with the masonry paint.

Here is a helpful video to show you just how to use Mad Dog Primer for ultimate success in painting your home’s exterior.

If you do not follow these steps the odds are that you would be condemned to painting your exterior walls again and again.  To find a Mad Dog dealer, simply check online.

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