Paint tips for exterior spring paint job

As winter fades into memory and you feel the buoyancy and enthusiasm that the season brings to you, why not use that extra energy to update the exterior paint on your home?   After all the frost and cold are no more and you can now step out of hibernation to check and add stuff up in your ‘things-to-do’ list. Spring is the time to spend your days perched on a ladder, rather than under the roasting sun.  At Mad Dog Primer, we provide advice to people all year long on painting and stand by our binding primers, that help paint last for 20 years.

The spring weather not only makes it cool on you to do painting, but also allows the best chance for the paint to dry properly.  Let’s face it, rain is not ideal and really hot days mean the paint may dry too quickly, which means it would not have the time to set properly and therefore would not last as long as it should.

Once you have commenced work on your paint job, aim to do it properly and this means that you should do all the proper preparation work beforehand. Go over the walls and see if there is any cracked masonry or rotting wood and repair them first.

Simply painting over such problems would mean that they would only grow worse with time. If you have cracks on the surface, you may want to try our Crack Fix.  It fills in the cracks and goes on thick so that you can have a lasting surface to paint on.

Once all the repair work is completed, you should use sand paper to prepare the walls.   Our primers have Weather Smart Technology that allows it to bond with the paint, meaning that your exterior paint will last for years to come.  Check out our guarantee.

Lastly, make sure that you do not choose a windy day for your paint job since wind can cause dust particles to mix with the paint, thereby marring the final finish to a certain degree.

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