Fall Cold Weather Painting Advice

If you are looking for fall cold weather painting advice, you have come to the right place.  Mad Dog Paint products provide solutions to all of your painting problems. Enjoy this cold weather painting advice.

Skinny Kids:
In the fall, many of us scramble to finish exterior paint jobs before the colder months set in. Although weather conditions are not ideal, we all have to keep working.  If you wait for the ideal conditions in this business…. you’ll have hungry and very very skinny kids.  You can also see specifications regarding weather conditions and using our DuraLast Flexible Adhesive Primer by clicking here.

Plan Ahead !
Temperatures often change from a daytime highs to night time lows. The difference can often be more than 20 degrees. This type of temperature change can have an effect on your job in many ways.  If you don’t do a bit of planning, you could put some exterior paint jobs on hold…. instead of getting them completed.  That’s fall cold weather painting advice know-how right from our home base in Minnesota!

Get to Work !
Start working a little bit sooner in the morning; get your paint equipment set up to work and start painting as soon as the temperature is adequate. My grandfather said it was better to start applying paint coatings as the temperature rises in the morning and then quit earlier in the day.  This allows the paint to set up longer before the temperature starts to drop.  Remember to do your proper paint preparation.

One Coat is Enough !

Apply only one paint coat per day. We are all tempted to apply that 2nd coat towards the end of the fall cold weather day. If the thicker coatings don’t set up, you could return to sagging paint the next day. In cold weather, you’ll have to wait a day or two for the paint to dry out.

Cold Weather Painting Rain

Let it Dry!

Damp surfaces in cooler weather conditions take longer to dry. If it does rain, wait until the surfaces dry to around 15% moisture content. Don’t guess. Use a moisture meter to test the surface. And, If it rains for a few days make sure to inspect the project. Look for damage to the coatings and repair, prime, etc as necessary before continuing.

Here’s to a safe and profitable year!  Listen to a testimonial from one of our customers!

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