Fix Bathroom Flaking Paint

We often hear of bathrooms being damp and the condensation can cause peeling or bathroom flaking paint in the interior of your home or bath.  Now you can fix bathroom flaking paint in your home.

When you have an enclosed space like a bathroom, water and condensation often have nowhere to go.  Once you have damp issues, you may notice flaky paint.  The moisture can cause the problem to get worse and may eventually result in a crumbling wall.  So, where do you start to fix bathroom flaking paint?  Before you do anything, check to make sure that you do not have a leaky pip or something else that is causing more moisture than usual.

Then, you can work on the area to fix it.  With Mad Dog Primer, you can prepare the surface for painting and then add our primer.  Our Crack Fix will help fix bathroom flaking paint with ease.  It seals the area and will help prevent flaking paint in the future.  Often, home owners also find that painting any window frames in the bathroom is also a great preventative step.

Fix flaking paint with Mad Dog Primer products

Condensation is a common occurrence in any household. Hot showers, pots of boiling water or even drying laundry creates condensation. It only becomes an issue when the moisture introduced into your home has nowhere to go. Condensation issues generally have more straightforward fixes than damp and rising damp issues.

Improved ventilation helps to improve issues with condensation. It can be as simple as leaving a window open or installing more vents, such as air bricks for example, or installing bathroom and kitchen fans. Dehumidifiers can also help.

Even with improved ventilation, you still need to address the results of the damage, which often include blistering paint and discoloration.  With Mad Dog Primer, you’ll find that our primer covers where others fail.  With a money-back guarantee, you know that this is a primer that will work and keep your paint looking as good as new for several years.   Hear how a customer used Mad Dog Crack Fix by clicking here.

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