Getting the most out of Deck Fix

Home Pool Deck repaired using Deck Fix

Home Pool Deck repaired using Deck Fix

We had a customer call us with a question about using our Deck Fix with WeatherSmart technology. She was wondering how long it would take for Deck Fix to properly cure, especially in hot and humid weather. And she was looking for usage suggestions on the newly stained deck.

We asked our resident expert, Steve Ryan, if he could answer the questions.

Here’s what he had to say:

Deck Fix is a stabilizing primer designed to penetrate into surfaces and bonds everything together. It is a softer and flexible coating that keeps up with the constant expansion and contraction of the wood.

Traditional coatings tend to dry hard and can withstand surface abrasion from tables and chair. However, what works well for abrasion is what causes traditional coatings to fail and peel. The hard
coatings aren’t very flexible. Deck Fix is a softer and flexible product; it is designed to expand and contract. These characteristics will stop peeling, but, aren’t so great standing up to abrasion.

Giving ample time for Deck Fix to fully cure before allowing heavy use on the surface, will ensure a longer lasting life.”

Here are some suggestions for getting the most out of your Deck Fix.

1. Wait a Week: Give the deck coatings a full week to cure before placing furniture or allowing heavy traffic. We have had reports of customers finishing the project at 4pm and then having a family gathering on the deck at 7 pm.

2. Furniture: Lift chairs, tables, and other furniture when you move them. You know, rather than pushing them across the deck surface.

3. Sun, Rain, Snow, and Spring Thaw: Water, hot sun and melting snow will soften the coatings and make them susceptible to scraping and lifting. For example, if the coatings are soft, dragging a chair or table across the hot and wet surface can cause damage.

4. Snow Shoveling: Shovel off snow when it is below freezing. Try not to scrape into the wood; use a plastic edged shovel. Sweep off deck if you can. Minimize use of salt and sand.

5. Water Ponding: Try to keep water from ponding on the surface of the deck by removing water with a soft push broom.

6. Chemicals: Chemicals from the pool water and salt can eat away the coatings.

7. Keep a supply in Reserve: Always keep a quart of Deck Fix and a gallon of the stain handy for future maintenance. Store in a dry area that will not get too hot or freeze.

Remember what goes underneath matters!

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