Guide to Different Types of Primers

Primers are useful for preparing the surface of a residential or commercial wall for paint.  Here is a guide to different types of primers. It is commonly used as an adhesive that enables more efficient paint absorption, resulting in greater aesthetic appeal and durability among other benefits. The choices of primers may seem overwhelming but with Mad Dog Primers, you will find the best solutions. We will look at the different types of primers you should consider applying prior to painting the surface.

Oil-based Primers

Wood primers, also known as oil-based primers are best used for wood surfaces to ensure it adheres to the paint. Oil-based primers are useful in this regard as it takes considerably long for paint to dry on wood. Due to time and quality requirements, they are often not the best solution for your painting project.  Mad Dog Primer requires very little prep time and will help your paint last for up to 20 years.

Drywall Primers

Drywall primers, otherwise known as PVA primers, are different in comparison with oil-based primers in and can be particularly useful for applying on fresh mud or drywall.  Mad Dog Crack Fix is the perfect solution for drywall painting.   Mad Dog Crack Fix will also fill in and fix cracks in your plaster.  The prep time is minimal for such great results.  Hear how one of our customers used Mad Dog Crack Fix to completely redo his basement wall.

Bonding Primers

This kind of primer can be particularly useful in cases where the paint comes off easily. Upon application, the bonding primer can dry quickly and form a strong and sticky coating that will prevent paint from washing off.   Mad Dog Primer is different than most bonding primers because it will help “stick” to the peeling paint and fill in the places where it is crack.  Watch this quick video on how to use Mad Dog Primer to learn more about this spectacular primer that painters are using all over the United States.

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