How to Keep Your Brushes Clean

Krud Kutter Cleans MDP off Brushes Wellor How to Keep Your Powder Dry, painter-style

A paint contractor wrote to us with the very real problem of keeping his paint brushes clean after using Mad Dog Dura-Prime.  As you know Mad Dog Dura-Prime has 55% solids and remains tacky after it dries. You can imagine what it might to do a paint brush.  The contractor wrote,  “I just used Mad Dog for the first time today.  As a water based product I assumed that I could wash my brushes in the normal way with water.  Apparently not. How are you supposed to clean brushes after being in Mad Dog?  All I know is that I have a wrecked brush full of rubber balls.”

Steve Ryan, the original Mad Dog, founder and CEO of Mad Dog Paint Products answers, “Brush cleaning can be an issue!

I advise contractors to have a couple brushes set aside just for a Mad Dog Paint Product application. Just as you may have a couple of nice brushes set aside for enameling and painting cabinets.

Also, keep a 5 gallon bucket of water around. Each time You take a break, go back for more material, etc …… quickly rinse the brush.

Caked on product can be removed pretty easily with a wire brush.

Also, at the end of the week I fill my brush with dish washing liquid and get it really wet and soapy down to the heel. The soap breaks down the primer and they come out real clean and brand new.I was talking to a painter in Amherst, Mass, and he recommended using Krud Kutter.  He cleans his brushes with Krud Kutter at noon and then again at the end of the day. He suggests rinsing and combing out the brush, then spray lightly with Krud Kutter.

Wrap the brush in a moist rag for use the following day (if the brush dries out, it will harden).”

Keep those questions coming.  And remember, what goes underneath matters.

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