Introducing Mad Dog Dura-Seal 24


We take product development at Mad Dog pretty seriously. Our corner of the primer universe is full of contenders. So when we produce a new product we have to be certain that we’re offering a killer solution to a coatings problem that the other guys haven’t come up with. Say hello to Mad Dog Dura-Seal 24. A durable sealing and penetrating, acrylic masonry primer that adheres to high pH substrates after only a 24 hour cure.

That’s right: I said it. Dura-Seal 24 will cling like grim death to hot/green masonry with a pH level at the top of the scale and moisture content up to 20%. 

24 hours after finishing a stucco substrate, your team can apply a coat of Dura-Seal 24. An hour and a half later, apply a layer of topcoat. The closest competitor requires a seven day cure before their primer will adhere to the substrate.

You can do the math, but moving ahead with a project 6 days sooner, adds up to significant savings. 

If the extra-ordinary adhesive qualities of Dura-Seal 24 aren’t enough to turn your head, try on this fact: Dura-Seal 24 is ideal to use on worn and weathered masonry surfaces. Our masonry primer will lock down and encapsulate chalky surfaces and will prevent efflorescent leaching. 

More details? Solids %’s, spread rates, MSDS, spec sheets, check ’em out here: Mad Dog Dura-Seal 24.

Dura-Seal 24 employs our (patent pending) WeatherSmart Adhesive Technology, a proprietary blend of specially formulated acrylic resins in a co-polymer emulsion. Our primers dry harder on the surface and remain flexible underneath. Dura-Seal 24 offers killer hold-out protection against the high alkalinity of new green surfaces.

Dura-Seal 24 was designed to thrive in harsh climates, from tropical Florida and the Gulf Coast, the salty spray of the Pacific and Atlantic coast lines, the arid desert and dry mountain states to the sun and winds of the plains.  

And like all of our products, you can expect the topcoat to last up to 20 years. 

Remember: What goes underneath matters.  

Happy Painting!

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