Mad Dog Deck Fix On Composite Decks

Mad Dog Deck Fix primed and stained cedar deck in Snohomish county near Seattle, Washington

Mad Dog Deck Fix primed Fun and Playful checkerboard painted deck in Pennsylvania

When customers ask if Mad Dog Deck Fix will help with fading and weathered decks, I tell them to tear down the deck and rebuild with stone.

I’m half-joking. Decks and porches bear the harshest use from the environment – natural and manmade.

Recently, I had two customers ask about how to revitalize and extend the life of their composite decking. One deck had been painted with a glossy porch enamel and was now peeling; the other was stained with a solid color stain and is now flaking and cracking.

Composite decking came onto the market about twenty five years ago, as a maintenance free solution to wood products, and it was welcomed as the best development in decks since deck screws. However, significant flaws in the material began to show after only a few years. Common complaints were that it scratched easily, warped and sagged. But the single greatest complaint was and is, fading color from sun exposure, giving the surface a gray and chalky appearance.

As you would expect, people starting painting and staining their gray, chalky composite decks. And they started to peel within a year, mainly because most coatings would not adhere to the surface because manufacturing oils in the decking materials leach to the surface.

Mad Dog Deck Fix: Deep Penetrating Primer will  adhere to composite deck surfaces, with proper prep, of course, and will make deck stain and porch paints last two to three times longer than traditional primers. Which really means, that if you have been re-staining your deck every 2 to 3 years, applying Deck Fix: Deep Penetrating Primer will enable that stain or paint to last 4 to 6 years.

Mad Dog Deck Fix primed and stained cedar deck in Snohomish county near Seattle, Washington

Key prep tip:

Lightly sand and clean the composite deck surfaces to give Deck Fix the most surface area to adhere.

Deck Fix is an adhesive-based, penetrating primer. It has a thin consistency (35% solids), which penetrates completely into the substrate. Deck Fix glues onto the surface, remains permanently flexible, and breathable. When you apply your paint or stain over Deck Fix, the two products fuse and become a single flexible coating which expands and contracts with the deck.

Click here for more prep and usage tips on using Mad Dog Deck Fix: Deep Penetrating Primer.

Remember, using Mad Dog Paint Products means less time painting and more time playing!

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