Mad Dog Primers on outdoor metal furniture?

We had a question about Mad Dog on outdoor metal furniture from an avid Mad Dog fan:

I have some metal outdoor furniture. It’s about forty years old and has been painted several times. The surfaces are peeling and there’s rust in some spots. I’ve always used some type of oil paint on them. Would Mad Dog Dura-Prime Primer be a good solution for this problem?

The original Mad Dog, Steve Ryan, founder and CEO of Mad Dog Paint Products answers:

In theory, two coats Mad Dog Dura-Prime primer on the metal chairs would take solve the peeling and rust problems.  But here’s the rub, literally. Mad Dog Dura-Prime, and the latex topcoat, can and will soften when in direct hot sunlight.  When people sit on the furniture, there is a good chance the coatings will rub off on clothing.

I think i would stick with oil products due to their hardness and ability to stand up to wear.  I used this system on my grandparent 1940’s deck chairs.

Happy painting and remember: what goes underneath matters!
i might use it on my own metal furniture but i don’t know if i would use MDP on metal furniture for a customer.

Let me know what you decide….

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