Are Paint Primer the best solution?

A paint contractor wrote to us with the following question: Are Paint Primer Combos the best solution?

Paint Primer combos can be used as an “added” benefit when painting. 

However, if you really need a primer, it is best to separate the two.  For example, when painting new sheetrock, a paint/primer combo might sound good, but it is better to use a primer and then apply your topcoat.

When coating glossy tile or shiny, chalky and questionable areas, it is very tempting to believe the advertising. No prep or no sand primers have real appeal.  Who doesn’t want to get right to the painting?

Although it is tempting to eliminate one step of the project, it is probably not wise to completely leave out the prep work.  Maybe you don’t have to do as much sanding or prep work.  However, it is best to sand and use the extra “Umpf” of the products as an added benefit.

If the coatings start to separate from the surface (or substrate), then you are in a heap of trouble. The only solution is to invest significant time and effort stripping the failing coatings, prepping/sanding the area, priming and then top-coating. I think the better way ahead is to invest a little bit of extra time and effort up front and do the prep work that will guarantee that your coatings will adhere to the surface for a long, long time, instead of simply relying on a paint/primer combo to produce results for you.

Thanks for the questions. And remember, what goes underneath matters.

Happy Painting,


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