Proper preparation for painting your home

When painting homes, there are simple steps you can take.   Watch Steve’s simple 4 steps to proper preparation for painting your home using Mad Dog Paint Primers.   You can use Mad Dog Primer to help your paint last two times longer.

Step 1:

First, scrap off all the loose paint.  Because you will be using Mad Dog Primer when painting homes, you can simply scrape the loose edges.  Mad Dog Primer will “glue” everything down and keep the paint from peeling.


Step 2:

Next, sand down the edges.


Step 3:

Then, make sure you really dust off the area so you have a nice clean surface.


Step 4:

Apply the Mad Dog Primer.  Get it up and under all the edges so that it gets in and glues everything down.


Let Mad Dog Primer dry and top coat it with your favorite latex paint.  Let Mad Dog Primer help your paint last up to 2 times longer.  To find out how you can get Mad Dog Primer, click here and find a dealer near you.


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