Dura-Prime: Stabilizing Bonding Primer

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Dura-Prime: Stabilizing Bonding Paint Primer

Dura-Prime is the best water-based exterior primer to stop tannin and rust bleed problems. Dura-Prime comes in a clear base and helps new and weathered projects last up to 20 years.

Dura-Prime is a bonding primer and is for new, peeling or weathered surfaces: wood, metals & masonry. Blocks rust and tannin bleed. The best choice for solving the most challenging paint projects.


Product Documents

Dura-Prime Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Dura-Prime Specifications Sheet

Dura-Prime Product Info Sheet

Dura-Prime Tinting Guidelines

• Qrt $25.99 MSRP
• Gal $71.99 MSRP
• 5 Gal $340.99 MSRP

Product Features

  • Dura-Prime helps paint last 2 to 4 times longer than traditional paint primers
  • Penetrates, seals and encapsulates peeling, cracking and damaged surfaces
  • Prevents paint from peeling
  • Provides a stable surface for longest lasting top-coat life (expect up to 20 years)
  • Blocks rust and tannin bleed with two coats

Product Specifications

  • 55% Solids/300 SF gal coverage
  • 300% Flexibility/300 psi Adhesion
  • Water-based, soap and water clean-up
  • Super low VOC, eco-friendly formula

MAD DOG PAINT PRODUCTS are made with WeatherSmart™ Adhesive Technology

  • Permanently flexes and breathes, as the substrate expands and contracts with heat, humidity and cold weather
  • Helps finish coats retain sheen and color 2 to 3 times longer than traditional primers
  • Bonds like glue
  • Permanently prevents peeling and cracking
  • Locks down and stabilizes all worn and weathered surfaces
  • Resists mold and mildew
  • Promotes top coat adhesion for longest lasting paint durability
  • Reduces prep & labor by 20%
  • Cleans up with soap & water
  • Eco-Friendly formula
  • Low odor, Super Low VOC
Weather Smart Adhesive Technology the proprietary blend of co-polymer acrylic resins separating us from the rest of the primer pack

Weather Smart Adhesive Technology the proprietary blend of co-polymer acrylic resins separating us from the rest of the primer pack
Patent Pending

3 reviews for Dura-Prime: Stabilizing Bonding Primer

  1. MK

    Have been using the Mad Dog Dura-Prime Premium Exterior Primer this summer and it is so easy to use. The rationale for how different it is makes so much sense to me. May the next umpteen years prove it so!

  2. AT

    Truly is the best primer out there for peeling and cracking wood, I’ve driven by jobs that I used mad dog on a section of the house that needed it most and its still holding up fine 7 years later, that’s truly unbelievable,

  3. John Schultz

    This is the best primer for old iron window bars and wrought iron ever A couple of coats followed by a latex semigloss and you are good to go.

    It sticks to just about everything and keeps the finish coat in place over problem surfaces

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