Repainting after Mad Dog Dura-Prime Premium Primer

We frequently receive questions about repainting a building after it’s been primed with Mad Dog Dura-Prime Exterior Primer and coated with high quality latex.

Here’s how Steve Ryan, Mad Dog founder, CEO and the original Mad Dog, answers that particular question:

“We can confirm Mad Dog  Original Premium Exterior Primer will stabilize the project substrate (or siding on the building)  2-4 times longer than if using traditional latex and oil primers.

A project which peels and needs to be completely repainted every 5 – 7 years will last 15 – 20 years with a bit of touch up… if Mad Dog Dura-Prime Premium Exterior Primer is used as the stabilizing base coat of the project.

Our documented projects still look amazing, even after 15, 17, 20 years. If a customer chose to repaint  today, it is a very simple project.

Say a pre-Mad Dog residence needed over 150 hours of labor to clean, pressure wash, scrape and sand to prepare it for priming and painting, assuming 60 to 80% of the structure is peeling (4 workers X 8 hours x 5 days).

Post-Mad Dog,15 to 20 years later, painting prep would take 24 hours (3 workers X 8 hours X 1 day), because Mad Dog Dura-Prime Premium Exterior Primer locks down and stabilizes peeling paint, much less of the surface will experience peeling (2 to 3%).

Follow your standard preparation steps:

Clean and rinse all the surfaces to be painted. Scrape, sand or caulk as needed.

Apply one coat Mad Dog Dura-Prime Premium Exterior Primer.

And finally, apply one to two coats of your favorite high quality latex finish paint.”

Happy painting and good luck!


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