Solve Rusty Nail Problems

Fixing Rusty Nails

When we first developed Dura-Prime, the idea was to stop peeling paint. One of the unexpected benefits was Dura-Prime’s ability to stop rusty nail stains from bleeding through the surface soon after the paint has dried.

My grandfather taught me the traditional technique and steps used in his day. First you remove any rust from the nail head with a scraper or sandpaper, set the nail below the surface, apply putty to the hole, then spot prime the area with oil primer. That’s 4 steps per nail.

Traditional Steps for Rusty Nail Problems:

  1. Prep (sand and scrape)
  2. Set the nail
  3. Putty the hole
  4. Spot prime

Mad Dog Dura-Prime: Stabilizing Bonding PrimerWhat about 250 rusty nails? That’s a lot of time standing on a ladder and a lot of time to contemplate beer, philosophy, fashion tips and the latest game between the Red Sox and the Yankees. More than likely this job gets delegated to the least popular person on the crew.

Even with all that effort, no one can guarantee how long the rust will hold. My experience gives it six months to two years before you start seeing the nails bleed thru again. Great job security for a contractor, the putty manufacturer, but not a good deal for the building owner.

Chemistry 101: Rusty Nail Heads

rusty sidingMy theory is the putty and primer get hard as it ages. The products shrink and crack microscopically. The surfaces crack just enough for air and moisture to reach the nail head. You need air and moisture to start the chemical reaction for metal to start rusting. This is why older cars from a desert climate look good after 20 years. The sun might beat the crap out of the paint, but there is very little rust around the fenders. Lots of air and sun, but, very little moisture.

As the weather changes during each day, month, season and year, the surface of a building continuously expands and contracts. Mad Dog Primers remains permanently flexible. They expand with the heat and contract as it gets cold, every day, week, month and year. Forever!

Mad Dog Primers hold their integrity, remain flexible and do not crack like traditional primers. The stable coating/film of the primer blocks just enough oxygen from reaching the nail head. There is no chemical reaction and therefore no rust.  (Thank you Mr. Johnson, my 10th grade chemistry teacher)

Mad Dog Steps for Rusty Nail Problems

Prep – Prime and Paint

That’s it! Take care to hammer down any nail heads sticking up more than a 1/8th inch as you apply the paint primer. This assures the entire nail head gets covered. It also feels good to wack things with a hammer and get paid for it too.

Just prime over the rusty nail head and WeatherSmart Adhesive Technology takes care of the rest.

Schmelzer house before rusty nail treatment.Schmelzer completed house after rusty nail treatment.This exterior paint project was done 7 years ago by a DIY family. If they had used a traditional oil primer, more than 50% or 500 nails might bleed thru within a few years. Because the family chose Dura-Prime, only a dozen rusty nails have bled thru in 7 years. That’s quite a difference! That’s a touch up project, instead of preparing and painting the entire building again.





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