The Best Paint Primer

There are many types of paint primer. Traditional oil and latex paint primers brush on very nicely, but they become hard and brittle with age. However, building surfaces are constantly flexing with the changes in weather and seasons.

When the sun hits the surface, the building gets hotter and it expands a little. When it gets colder at night, the surfaces contract. These changes require paint primer to be flexible to change with these conditions.

Exterior paint coatings are relatively thin. Just like a coat of exterior or interior paint, a sheet of paper will move back and forth. Imagine holding up a sheet of paper with both hands. The paper gives a little bit. However, if the paper is flexed beyond its limit, it will rip and tear.

Fixing torn paint is important to the substructure of the wall. When exterior paint rips and tears, it allows moisture and oxygen to get behind it. The coatings immediately start to break down and continue to degrade.

Therefore, most exterior paint jobs only last between 5-8 years.

Weathersmart LogoMad Dog Paint Primer solves this dilemma by working with nature instead of against it. We call it WeatherSmart Adhesive Technology. Mad Dog Paint Primer resins remain permanently flexible and adjust with the surface of the building to assure adhesion of the paint to the paint primer.

It is simple Physics:

When the surface gets hot, Mad Dog Paint Primer expands a little. When the weather gets colder, our resins contract a bit. Mad Dog Paint Primer Resins adjust to the immediate needs of the building surfaces. This helps to protect paint in cold weather as well as paint in hot conditions.

This is why exterior painting projects fully primed with Mad Dog Paint Primers, tend to last 2-4 times longer than when using a traditional exterior paint primer.

An exterior paint job traditionally will last only 5-8 years before it needs to be completely repainted. When you use Mad Dog Paint Primer, you should expect 15 – 20 years of beauty with a bit of touch up along the way.

Good Luck and thanks for trusting the best paint primer for your exterior painting project.

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