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We received a question about fixing cracked paint from a concerned Mad Dog Paint Products fan:
I discovered Mad Dog Crack Fix a few years ago while working on my 240 yr old house.
 I use it to fix cracked plaster walls and ceilings. I not only use it in cracks and holes, but on peeling paint on the the entire interior surface. 

Mad Dog Crack Fix has always been a light blue color, thin goopy consistency.  I just bought another gallon and it is a gray color. The Crack Fix I purchased today seems to be an entirely different animal. Have you changed the product?  

Fixing Cracked Paint

Fixing Cracked Paint is easy with Mad Dog Crack Fix

Here’s how Mad Dog CEO, Steve Ryan, tackles the question:

“Mad Dog Crack Fix was upgraded 2 years ago to a thicker consistency and with a gray tint to it. Mad Dog Crack Fix has even more adhesive strength to stabilize the problem area and we’ve added more flexibility to ensure cracks and peeling surfaces don’t come back in the future.  Using Crack Fix will keep your walls smooth and crack free for two to four times longer.  Many people love using Mad Dog Crack Fix for fixing cracked paint in their homes and offices.

Treat the upgraded version as a creamy brush-able paste.  When fixing cracked paint,  it is not about how thick you can apply Crack Fix primer, but how well you work it into the surface. Apply the product with a brush and/or roller until it is thin and smooth. This assures Crack Fix gets into the peeling areas and into any larger or surface cracks.  Let it dry for a few hours.  If you have deeper and reoccurring wall cracks, for best results, let the areas dry overnight.

Now it is time to tape, patch, and paint.

lady painting

Mad Dog Crack Fix provides the firm but flexible structure for long term success. Fiberglass taping (if needed) provides bridging and strength to the area. Patching compound brings walls and ceilings to an acceptable surface smoothness.

For ease of use, I recommend using a pre-mixed lightweight or general purpose joint compound. They are available in a variety of sizes from your local paint dealer, along with all Mad Dog Paint Products.

Good luck and happy painting!

Steve Ryan


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