Top ways to get crayon off the wall

If your child used your walls as a crayon canvas, you may be wondering how to get crayon off the walls.  At Mad Dog Primer, we have primer that can help with peeling or flaking paint and even primer that will fill in cracks.  Yet, when it comes to crayons, there are some everyday solutions that may help.

According to Reader’s Digest, there are solutions like toothpaste, pencil erasers and even vinegar.  Another popular solution is the Mr. Clean Eraser.  Watch a quick how-to video.  However, some people have complained that some methods may remove the paint.  Which, of ‘course, will lead to repainting.  There is also a product for paint prep that one mom swears by – watch her video here.

So, why DO kids draw on the walls?   According to, While a younger child will draw on a wall simply because he’ll color on anything, a 3- or 4-year-old is up to something different. At this stage in his physical development, it’s actually easier for him to draw with his hand out in front of him than underneath him, says Becky Bailey, Ph.D., author of There’s Gotta Be a Better Way. It’s a much more comfortable position that allows him better hand-eye control  — and that makes his art projects a lot more fun.

As you work on your wall, you may be thinking,  “It’s time for a new paint color.”   That is often how these little clean-ups morph into larger ideas.  If you decide to paint, check out the Mad Dog Crack Fix.   Crack Fix will help fill in cracks on your wall surface and keep them from expanding.  Our patented technology allows the crack to be filled and prevents peeling or flaking.   Watch a quick video explaining more.

So, next time your walls become an art board, don’t panic.  Just remember this article and the solutions.  For more painting solutions, follow us on Facebook .

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